Selling Your House? Read This Article Before Making Any Repairs With the Sole Intent Of Seeing an ROI On Them

Every seller wonders this question when they think about selling their house. If you’re wondering the same thing, make sure that you don’t make mistakes that some sellers do. It obviously is easier to sell a house that buyers find attractive. This means that you should spend some time and money improving both the outside and the inside. Make sure that the yard is kept, and that the driveway is clear of any trash or leaves.

Any structural repairs should be completed as well. For example, if the wood on the exterior windows is chipping. If you can, hire a professional stager. If you can’t afford one, there are plenty of DIY videos and tutorials that can help you stage your home, without having to pay a dime. So, if you’re taking all of your furniture with you when you head to your new house, plan to spend some time organizing it in an aesthetically pleasing way so that buyers enjoy viewing your home. 

Every house has internal and external issues. Some are visible to the naked eye, while others are not. Make no mistake, buyers know that there are problems that lie within the house. Any issues you are hiding are going to come out during the inspection, so never lie. The inspector will know if you knew about the problem or not, depending on what the problem is. So while staging is an important aspect to sell your home, don’t stage with the intention of masking imperfections.

You should really only fix up your home before selling it if it will make a huge difference in regards to the list price, or if it is a repair that has to be done before the home can be sold. For example, if the AC unit has gone out, you’ll need to replace that. On the other hand, if the roof is in shambles, you’re better off making a deal with the buyer. The contingency will depend upon their request, but some buyers will still buy it, if you’ll deduct the cost of repairing the roof from the final sale price, for example. You should never install a brand new roof when you are planning to sell your house, even if it needs it. That’s something to work out with your buyer and your agents

As a seller, you should get your own inspection. If the house has major defects, you’ll be able to fix these before the buyer ever knows about them. Buyers like to use the inspection as a negotiation tool. When they find out anything is wrong with the house whatsoever, they start to knock you down on the price. The bottom line, is that you should never complete major repairs only to sell your house. If the repairs are minor, or repairs that need to be done simply to make the home habitable, then you should consider bringing in a pro. Each and every situation is different.

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